The Curve Air Freshener

The “Almost Anywhere” 30 day air freshener.

Versatile placement

This air freshener’s revolutionary holder allows you to place or hide it almost anywhere.  The Curve freshens while remaining hidden on the side of toilets, inside bathroom cabinets, the underside of trash can lids, and so much more.  The holder stays in place with two sided tape, and the Curve is replaced each month.

Long lasting

The Curve air freshener contains 50x more fragrance than standard toilet rimsticks, freshening for 30 days.

Reminds you when to change it

Unique date tabs allow you to choose when to replace it, so you receive consistent air freshening.

Cares for the environment

Safe and effective, the Curve is 100% recyclable and part of the world’s only closed loop air freshener recycling program.  Please go to for more details.


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