Grease Trap Drain Treatment Bio Snake Blocks

Searching for a simple, effective grease trap & drain treatment product that is environmentally friendly? 

Look no further than Bio-Snake Blocks!

Bio-Snake Blocks are much more effective than liquid grease trap products.  While harsh chemicals can kill floating bacteria, by placing a block at the bottom of the trap it will remain unharmed and continuously release new bacteria to consume grease.  Using environmentally friendly Bio-Snake Blocks, you will notice an immediate difference in grease build-up and a 96% reduction in odor.

Bio-Snake Blocks will reduce pumping time as well as EPA and Health Department complaints and will reduce effluent BOD levels by up to 80%.  This exceptional time release formula contains bacterial spores that digest grease and turn it into CO2 and H2O, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One large block is the recommended dosage for a 500-1000 gallon grease trap, and will last for approximately 4 weeks.  Following the initial application, conduct a follow-up in two weeks in order to gauge the success of the initial application and to determine what works best for that specific trap.  For traps larger than 1000 gallons, one large block per 1000 gallons is recommended.


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