Our Products: Quality Sanitation Since 1926

Travel Jon®

RV & Marine Products

Travel Jon® brand RV and Marine Holding Tank Deodorizers provide absolute control of objectionable odors with a long lasting fresh scent. Trademarked in 1965, Travel Jon® is “the oldest, most trusted name in RV sanitation.”


Portable Sanitation Products

Toi-De-Fresh™ brand deodorants for contractors’ portable toilets provide powerful odor stopping control in the most demanding applications. A large array of fragrances and formulations give the operator numerous alternatives.


Aviation Products

Aero-Fresh™ brand deodorant is specifically developed for low density use patterns in commercial & private aircraft. A blend of 17 essential oils, aromatics and deodorizers, Aero-Fresh™ is the choice for odor control in aircraft lavatories.

Travel Jon®

Charter Bus Products

Travel Jon® brand Bus Lavatory deodorants and cleaners have been used by the Charter and Tour Bus industries for over 80 years. Travel Jon® meets the demanding requirements of the tourism & motorcoach markets.


Septic System Treatment

Bio-Tab® brand biological activator is a highly concentrated tablet of bacteria and enzymes sold through the professional septic tank pumping industry. Bio-Tab® is the ideal additive for maintenance of residential septic systems.